July is for wellness


Wellness Month is upon us!

Good people of Birmingham - we would like to invite you to take part in our Wellness Month of July called:

The Caffeinated Boho : Mindfulness Month @ Yorks Café and Coffee Roasters Stephenson St

As some of you may know - we like to look after our wider society here at Yorks and after a recent spate of anti social behaviour and gaining coverage for being broken into, we decided to try and counter balance that with having a focus on things that maybe not everyone thinks of OR facilitating an entry point into being more mindful and wellness focused within a hustling city.

Theres a number of things we are going to do…

We are going to curate a Menu of non alcoholic drinks to promote responsible drinking and making people know that its ok to not get off your face, we are going to hook up with the guys at Big Drop Brewery to bring you some wicked low abv Craft Beers - we will also have a promotion on Kombucha Mocktails and see if we can get our hands on some No alcohol Wine… often we have some kind of weird machismo when it comes to drinking - time to eliminate the desire to gain status through how intoxicated we can be and start turning that external validation internally.

We have joined up with our friends Jung Shim based in Waterloo St and for the month of July they’re going to be setting up at Yorks on Tuesdays 11am - 1pm and Thursdays 2pm - 4pm and providing customers with some free treatments in aid of providing people with a moment in time to re-energise and align themselves correctly for the day - all you have to do is drop in and speak to them!

This is what our friends over at Jung Shim say…

Recharge Your 'Human Energy' Qi - FREE Energy & Acupressure Treatments Qi Practitioners stimulate acupressure points over head, neck & shoulders to release tension and reinforce the natural flow of energy. A breathing technique is used, which creates a specific sound vibration to carry energy deep into the energy channels. Vibrational sound has been shown to have a greater effect then touch alone. Treatments help to recharge your human energy, detoxify your system and calm the mind.

local acupressure practitioners Jung Shim will be looking after you

local acupressure practitioners Jung Shim will be looking after you

As part of this emphasis we realise people are eating differently too and more and more people are going plant based - as part of this we will be providing a special offer on our plant based small plates like cauliflower shawarma, avocado toast, hummus and green bean salad - we will also be having an emphasis on ethical Vegan cakes to try and promote a more sustainable sweet tooth.

We will also be looking at working with a few other people throughout the month in order to give a focus on each week and will be updating you as we go! As ever we provide a pick up point for a filter coffee or a tea to give out to the homeless and encourage more open dialogues with true diversity in the city.

If you want to be involved further and have an idea of how you envisage helping the wider social collective, maybe you have some writing you want to have distributed, a podcast conversation you want to take part in, a way you cope that others might enjoy.

then please do contact richard@yorksbakrycafe.co.uk

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