Quick Update : Birmingham Homelessness

‘’He who has a why can endure any how’’

Again we’ve had a snap of cold weather and again we remind people that we are carrying on with giving a free coffee out to any unfortunate people that find themselves on the streets during this really cold time. Recently an article published stated that 4677 people were sleeping rough in the UK, Homelessness was up by 94% since 2013 and as we can see just by walking around, it’s a pretty grim picture.

“4677 people were sleeping rough in the UK”

Birmingham needs to start fighting back and holding its leaders to a higher standard. We need to make it known that cases like the Sandwell mother who had to choose between rent and food for her and her children, which then led to her becoming ‘’intentionally homeless’’  are not acceptable.

 We can’t ignore or diminish those struggling with poor mental health capacity out there as a way of justifying a lack of help. Some of our staffs friends on the streets … Jay an old steel smith who tells stories of how he misses working in the factory or Carl a man who once faced violence from drunk thugs to protect a young lady on a night out in Broad St ending with his hand being glassed.

“Homelessness was up by 94% since 2013”

 There are some wonderful organisations that are always looking for help – Sifa Fireside are well revered and have a wonderful podcast that gives you some insight into the issues people face on the streets and we have worked in conjunction with a good friend of ours Annabelle from Lets Feed Brum to provide food when we can.

 Thanks for the support for our coffee and soup initiative, the point we want to push is that first and foremost it’s how we treat each other away from government policy that defines our humanity. Lets keep them warm.

Any other organisations you would like to see us work with or raise awareness of please mention in the comments section. Also if you would like to register your thoughts on the homeless situation in Birmingham specifically drop us a comment too.


Sadly most people on the streets don’t have a ‘’why’’ so how could we ever expect them to endure any ‘’how’’


Sifa Fireside Podcast: https://www.sifafireside.co.uk/posts/15-sifa-stories-check-out-our-new-podcast-series


Free coffee and soup to take to someone homeless will continue to run 7 days a week indefinitely.


Photograph Credit: I am Birmingham (Adam Yosef)

Photograph Credit: I am Birmingham (Adam Yosef)

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