Man, have we some good coffee coming up...

A couple of years ago some of our buddies from Falcon Specialty came to our place to show us some Peruvian coffees they were excited by. We cupped them, we tried them and the foundations were there – the samples were so new that we were the first people to cup these samples with Falcon.

It’s two years later and we’ve now found a pretty sweet offering that we are looking forward to roasting.

Juan Mejia Paico is a lovely little washed offering from Peru, grown in a hectare of land in the village of El Condor in Huabal. Named after the owner this coffee is farmed by his brother and father and processed with other coffee co-operatives in the area.

The infrastructure that is in the surrounding area isn’t particularly amazing and probably has ostracized its farmers to an extent, however they have managed to produce a high quality well looked after coffee even with little to zero investment.

Anyways. Now those tasting notes, where I give you a long list of words that you’ll try and work out in the cup… only I'm not going to do that… ill give you a simple explanation instead.

From how I tasted it on the cupping table it was really bold and had a buttery mouth feel to it, sweetness scored very very high and the acidity was well balanced in the cup in comparison. I haven’t tried it yet but I reckon an Aeropress would be a good shout.

Also smack it into an old school diner brewpot and enjoy it as a batch brew.

We are using it as our espresso and its available in store from the 31st January until the wheels fall off.

Will update you soon with another one of our Peruvians.

Official cup score: 86.5