Antolín Peña López

So like we was saying.

A couple of years ago some of our buddies from Falcon Specialty came to our place to show us some Peruvian coffees they were excited by. We cupped them, we tried them and the foundations were there – the samples were so new that we were the first people to cup these samples with Falcon.

We got a second offering from Peru!

This one is Antolín Peña López and its proper nice.  Of all the Peruvians we cupped this was probably the most balanced cup. Another washed one (I was muscled out of getting a pulped natural even though I really love them) but this was a welcome alternative. As normal a good washed coffee usually produces a great filter so we are going to roast it for filter and potentially try it as a guest espresso aswell.

I would probably say a chemex. V60 or kalita wave would be a good way to brew this… but to be fair, make it how you want it… that’s the idea right? You buy the ingredients and make with it whatever you want.

How I cupped it – proper peachy, it had good fruity flavours running through it and maintained its clean crisp finish throughout – keep your eye out for when its on our batch brew filters in store.

Available to buy from 31st January