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Born in Birmingham in 2012, Yorks Cafe aimed to bring an authenticity and integrity by recognising that smart people are not fooled by empty promises of quality and insincere service.  So building on a foundation of passionate people, Yorks defined itself in Birmingham as a new-generation coffee shop, all-day café and social space.  Our stripped-back use of raw woods, metals and concrete in our cafes is a reflection of the stripped back, soulful food we love to serve - inspired by the travels of our team.  Recognised as one of the top brunch destinations in the country by both the Sunday Times and the Observer, we're continuing to push boundaries, experimenting with new menu concepts and, since 2016, roasting our own specialty coffee in-house at Stephenson Street.  We look forward to you coming to visit us. 

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Stephenson St


The split-level "home" of Yorks and the heart of where it all happens. Our coffee is roasted here, our cakes are baked here, our menus are born here. 50+ seats on ground floor with an additional 35+ seats downstairs.

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Sitting proudly at the front of the old Oozells St school built in 1847 (now the Ikon Gallery), Yorks at Ikon spans breakfast, brunch, lunch and later. This is the home of where Yorks delivers our full range of corporate, catered events in partnership with the Ikon Gallery.